Case Results

  • Dismissal
    Dismissal of License Suspension
    Obtained dismissal of license suspension case because municipal police department refused to provide driver with copies of suspension paperwork at time of stop.
  • Early Eligibility for Parole
    Distribution of Cocaine
    Prevented defendant convicted of distribution of cocaine from receiving 25-year mandatory minimum sentence as a third offender and 10-year mandatory minimum sentence as a second offender, resulting in client’s early eligibility for parole.
  • Charges Dismissed
    Drug Possession
    Suppressed 2,550 bags of heroin, handgun, and large amount of cash by challenging reasonable articulable suspicion for traffic stop. Following suppression of evidence, all charges were dismissed.
  • Negotiated to Misdemeanor
    Drug Possession | Military Veteran
    Based upon warrantless search of military veteran’s home, moved to suppress large quantities of marijuana, paraphernalia, weapons, and ammunition seized from marijuana grow house. Negotiated a plea agreement to misdemeanor possession that guaranteed ...
  • Dismissed All Charges
    Convinced prosecutor to dismiss all charges against client charged with DUI and making a false statement to a police officer when dash board camera from police vehicle contradicted the police report prepared by the police officer.
  • Found Not Guilty
    DUI Charge
    Represented local official who was arrested and charged with DUI. After trial, defendant was found not guilty of all alcohol related charges, including DUI.
  • No Incarceration
    Negotiated a binding plea agreement on behalf of executive officer of nonprofit organization accused of embezzling $75,000, which resulted in a suspended sentence and no incarceration.
  • Probation & Expungement
    Negotiated plea agreement on behalf of state employee charged with embezzlement that resulted in probation before judgment and expungement of criminal record.
  • Dismissal
    ER Physician Charged With Accident
    Obtained dismissal of all charges against emergency room physician charged with a personal injury automobile accident.
  • Dismissed All Charges
    False Arrest
    Used computer forensics expert to recreate GPS track on client’s navigation system to prove that waterman had not entered oyster sanctuary, leading to dismissal of all charges.
  • Suspended Sentence
    Felony Theft
    Negotiated a suspended sentence plea agreement for client charged with felony theft, financial elder abuse, in exchange for payment of restitution.
  • Dismissed
    Large Drug Possession
    Suppressed large quantity of marijuana and hash oil, LSD, and MDA based upon warrantless entry by local narcotics taskforce into vestibule of apartment building and subsequent warrantless entry into defendant’s apartment. Following suppression of ...
  • Acquittal Entered & Records Expunged
    Marijuana Charges
    Prevailed in motion to dismiss synthetic marijuana charges against client based upon failure of State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to publish list of new controlled dangerous substances. Acquittal entered and records expunged.
  • No Jail Time
    Marijuana Distribution
    Argued that undercover Ocean City Police Officer entrapped defendant into selling marijuana. Jury returned verdict of not guilty on distribution charge. Based upon change in law, convinced judge that defendant could not receive any jail sentence for ...
  • Obtained Stet
    Sex Offense
    Obtained stet for client charged with fourth degree sex offense.
  • Dismissed
    Suspended License
    Defeated effort to suspend license of driver who refused breath test because local law enforcement agency failed to provide correct advice of rights form.
  • All Charges Expunged
    Vehicular Assault
    Following guilty verdict by trial judge, prevailed on motion for acquittal based upon error in charging document filed by local police in vehicular assault case. Guilty verdict was reversed and all charges were expunged.
  • No Sufficient Evidence
    Won License Suspension Hearing
    Won license suspension hearing where stopping officer failed to indicate on suspension paperwork sufficient evidence to show that defendant was the driver.