Defense of CDL Drivers in Salisbury

Charged with a major traffic offense as a commercial truck driver?

If you hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and are facing any type of major traffic case or DUI/DWI charge, you need an experienced defense attorney who is familiar with the rules of the road. The Salisbury defense team at Anthenelli, Phoebus & Hickman, LLC have been successfully defending truckers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Somerset County, Wicomico County, and Worcester County with extensive experience.

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Using Our Experience with Trucking Regulations to Keep You on the Road

Over the past decade, Attorney Phoebus at our firm has represented several local trucking companies. A marked-up copy of the latest Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations sits on his desk. His familiarity with the specific rules that govern commercial drivers provides a definite advantage and he generally doesn't need to look up the answer because he typically knows the answer to your questions.

Defending CDL Drivers Against the Collateral Consequences of a DUI or DWI

For CDL drivers, the consequences of driving under the influence are far more severe than for regular motorists. This is true even if the DUI/DWI occurs when you are behind the wheel of your personal vehicle. Agreeing to the wrong plea in a driving under the influence case can result in the disqualification of your commercial driver's license for a year or even life.

If you are charged with a major traffic offense such as DUI/DWI and hold a CDL, make sure you have an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to defend truckers. We have a track record of success helping CDL drivers throughout Maryland - do not wait to get the help you deserve.

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